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Generic Viagra has several advantages over other drugs that are used to improve the potency and treatment of erectile dysfunction:
acts rather quickly – in about 15-20 minutes after you drank a pill;
the duration of action. On average, the effect of the drug will persist for 36 hours, and you can start to have sex anytime you and your partner time;

the effect of Viagra does not depend on food intake and alcohol;
this drug is considered the most up-to-date tool for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. This means that during its development were taken into account all the shortcomings of the previous funds with similar effect;

does not cause any side effects.
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Pfizer announced entering the Russian market the legendary drug Viagra in a new innovative package. The developers design the task was to create packaging that will emphasize the uniqueness of the brand and meets current consumer expectations.

This drug for many years helping men with erectile dysfunction. Sexual weakness is not a verdict, it is possible to resort to medical preparations that can solve this problem. And even if you have no disorders of the genital organs, and you're just tired or not in the form, generic viagra will help you to fully enjoy sex. Viagra is particularly good because it is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Men who have a sex life, can use this drug to treat erectile dysfunction, strengthen erections, prolong sexual intercourse.

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Known worldwide as the brand Viagra for over 16 years and is a leader in the Russian market. In a changing competitive environment, changing packaging Viagra emphasizes and enhances its uniqueness.